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Becca Foundation – Introduction, Uses, Results, and More

Becca Cosmetics’ Best-Selling Foundation New For Full Coverage

Becca Foundation – Improving my skin is one of my favorite activities in my beauty routine—I’m always excited when I can find a solid foundation formula and build my makeup around it. Since I always wear a mask in public, I don’t wear foundation as much as I used to; I keep my makeup fairly minimal for Zoom meetings and socially distanced coffee dates with friends.

Even though I’m wearing less makeup, I still love the finish with my foundation products. Comfortable with medium-to-full coverage liquid foundations with a satin finish, I decided to try Becca Cosmetics Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation, a waterproof foundation that promises to buff and lift. Longevity.

How To Use Becca Foundation: Brush Or Make-Up Sponge


For liquid foundations that are heavier in coverage, I use a foundation brush and my Beauty blender to apply the product to my skin to ensure a crease-free application. Starting with applying foundation directly to my cheeks and forehead, I use the product on my skin and hair with my brush, then sweep it with a damp sponge to smooth out any imperfections or lines.

It’s not a necessary application method to use with this foundation. Still, since I prefer a shimmery look to a matte one, I had a Beauty blender blend the product in a bit more to give the foundation a more dewy finish.

Becca Foundation Coverage: Full And Beautiful

coverage foundation

One characteristic that makes Becca stand out with the base is its concentrated pigments; These meds claim to help conceal uneven texture, redness, and hyperpigmentation, and they certainly don’t disappoint. Although this foundation does what it says it will do in terms of completely concealing blemishes and problem areas, I had trouble blending it on my forehead because it dries quickly.

When I applied the 24-Hour Foundation to this area, I had to push myself a little more than usual, using more pressure to blend the product with my brush and then working the product into my skin with a Beauty blender.

The Result: An Even Complexion With A Long-Lasting Matte Finish

After applying my foundation, I was impressed with how my skin looked. After wearing it for several hours, the 24-hour foundation stayed put without feathering, accentuating the textured areas of my skin or looking dry due to its ability to keep my complexion matte. Like many of the full-coverage, long-wearing foundations on the market, the consistency of this product is thicker, so maybe a pump of creation is all you need; A little goes a long way.

Value: Fair Price For The Amount And Results

For an ounce of product that lasts for hours, is vegan, waterproof, full coverage, and matte, this foundation is well priced at $44. Because I was also using a small amount of the product to even out my skin tone, one bottle of this foundation would last me several months.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Compact Highlighter Review

  • One shopper said: ‘God answered my prayers when I heard Becca was gone. I was so upset because this is my favorite highlighter, and I thought I had to buy like four and stock up, but the Smash box to the rescue melts into your skin all day long, making it look natural and beautiful. I m very happy.
  • Another wrote, “I’ve been obsessed with Becca for so long, and I’m sad they discontinued her products, but I’m glad Smash box still has this! It’s a must-have!”
  • Another shared, “These are the best highlighters ever, in my opinion. Pigmented, easy to blend and super wavy without highlighting texture. My favorite.”
  • One Ultra buyer commented: “I love this highlighter. I use it on my cheeks, eyes, inner corner, and brow bone. Not too shimmery, just a glow complexion.”
  • One Becca fan said, “I am so thankful to Smash box for choosing this product after finishing up Becca. I can’t live without this amazing highlighter. Perfect shade for everyday nights or fancy nights!”
  • Another Smash box buyer shared, “I’m so glad Smash box has included Becca Highlighter in their lineup. It’s the holy grail, the #1 highlighter!

Becca Under Eye Brightening Concealer Review

Ultra buyer -Becca Foundation

  • One Ulta buyer said, “Best under-eye colour corrector I’ve ever tried, and it blends beautifully and provides great coverage. I’m a fan and will be using this product daily.
  • “I just received this, and I’m obsessed. I’m not too fond of under-eye concealer, but I have purple/blue under my eyes that I love covering up. I love the natural look, and it’s just a perfect no-show. I love makeup, but it makes me look awake and rejuvenated. I found it so easy. Mix it with eye cream (Clinique Rich). I might even buy some at hubby,” commented one Ulta buyer.

Becca Fans -Becca Foundation

  • One Becca fan shared, “I’ve been using this for years. I was heartbroken when I heard Becca was shutting down. I couldn’t keep up. Then I saw Smashbox had this product. Awesome! They never stop selling it. Perfect for makeup-free days. With A little hint of under eyes. Amazing under concealer on glamour days like a tinted concealer. Not for me, but I love it! They added more shades too!”
  • Another person shared, “This is a game changer! I’m 55, and this product is perfect for concealing wisdom lines and color imperfections under my eyes and above my upper lip!”
  • Another reviewer said, “I will probably repurchase this forever. I love the consistency of this. It’s so smooth and glossy. I’m a mom of a tired 1.5-year-old, and the focus is TIRED. It makes my eyes roll.”
  • It’s also very indulgent and easy to remove. I like it when it starts to wrinkle, which it inevitably does!”
  • One fan of the colour corrector said I wasted so much money trying to find something that worked.
  • Every cream, concealer and serum out there. I’m 46 and have horrible genetics that keeps dark circles under my eyes at bay.”. “I used it, and my daughter and her boyfriend and my husband were like it was a very noticeable difference; it looked more natural and brighter. I would buy it again!
  • With a little under my eyes and a few flicks of my ring finger, I haven’t worn anything else. Love it, thank you.”
  • One person shared, “I use this product daily, and it helps brighten my under eye area and reduce the look of dark circles. The product sinks into my skin and feels natural when used alone. I also use a light concealer on top, and the two products together don’t seem to stick.” I recommend this product and will buy it again!


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