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Blue Nail Ideas – Best Blue Nails Ideas

Things To Keep In Mind While Doing Blue Nails:

Blue Nail Ideas – So, if you decide to use blue nails for your next manicure, here are some things you should save in mind. First, you’ll need to determine what shade of blue you want because there are many great colors! My favourite colors are baby blue and royal blue.

Next, you’ll need to decide whether you want short or long nails as your blue nails (and don’t worry, there are many blue nail designs that you can choose from depending on the length of your nails). Lastly, you must decide what nail design you want and if you will do the procedure.

If you need around help to determine your next blue manicure, here are some of the best blue nail art ideas to try as soon as you can.

Blue Nail Ideas – Short Blue Nails

blue nails ideas

1. Blue Marble Nails – Blue Nail Ideas

I am sure you must have noticed the marble nail trend by now; It has become very popular in the last few years. If you want to try it this time, I love how blue nail art looks.

You can make different types of marble nails using the blue tip. For example, you can use blue, blue and white, or even different shades of blue with the other colours mentioned above.

2. Blue and Silver Glitter Nails

If you’re a fan of sparkles, consider adding some sparkle to your nails with your blue light. If you want glitter nails, I suggest you use silver glitter, which goes well with any blue nails.

Check out this quick class to see how you can get a beautiful blue nail with some glitter!

3. Royal Blue Nails – Blue Nail Ideas

If you don’t like making a design and want a simple nail look, you can get it with blue nails. The hardest part is deciding which shade to use.

One of my preferred shades of blue nail polish is regal blue, like this beautiful shade from MBA Cosmetics called Royal Sapphire. Your nails look like they’re made of precious stones, and the polish is free of 10 harmful and cruel chemicals.

4. Blue and White Nail Design

If you want a plan for short nails using blue edging, I suggest you go for a classic blue and white design. Blue and white nails look great together, especially if you want to create a French V design like the one above.

You could tape it yourself or have it done at a salon, but honestly, I’d probably buy this nail press on Etsy because it’s done for you.

Blue Nail Ideas – Blue Acrylic Nail Designs

blue nails ideas

5. Blue Glitter Nails

Whether you prefer acrylic nails or long nails, blue nails have cool nail designs to choose from!
For instance, those who love glitter can try this tutorial’s blue glitter nail look. It will be especially nice in winter – it looks like a starry sky.

6. Blue Marble Nails – Blue Nail Ideas

Not only do blue marble nails look excessive on short nails, but they look great on long nails too! It’s bold, but it’s also fun if you want to turn heads.

7. Blue Nails With Rhinestones

I love adding a little somewhat extra to make my nails pop. The best technique to do this is by adding rhinestones! It’s perfect for those who want to create acrylic nails with a simple design that still pops.

Using some rhinestones, you can create beautiful blue nails like the one in this tutorial.

8. Baby Blue Nails – Blue Nail Ideas

If you want a simple blue nail idea for acrylic nails, I recommend using baby blue for your nails or long nails, as it looks amazing.

Also, this nail look is very trendy now, as pastel colors are always great for the upcoming spring season.

9. Blue and Gold Metallic Nails

Another great way to make your nails sparkle is to add a little gold! It will work well if you want a blue nail look, as blue and gold look great together.

A very popular nail design with gold is a golden look. If you’re unsure what it aspects like or how to do it, check out this quick tutorial for all the details.

10. Blue Nails with Flowers – Blue Nail Ideas

This is a design that someone can do at home, so don’t concern if you don’t have much experience with nail design.

Check out this video if you’re looking for a bloomy design but need help figuring out where to start.

11. Blue French Nails

French nails are super popular now, but we’re not talking about the classic nude and white French manicures we all know and love. This year’s hottest trending look is colored french tips!

It gives you a great opportunity to paint your nails blue. You can also use bright blue nail polish, as shown in this tutorial, to make your nails look glamorous. It is a very interesting Y2K program, blue ombre nails

12. Blue And Nude Ombre Nails – Blue Nail Ideas

Another great way to add blue nails is by using the popular ombre nail design. (You’ve seen this nail design with lots of white and nude colors).

So if you are trying to enhance some color to your nails, as an alternative to using white nail polish in nude tones to create an ombre effect, you can use blue nail polish, as revealed in this tutorial.

13. Gradient Blue And Black Nails

Doing an ombre nail design doesn’t mean you have to use nude as a base. You can definitely change your nail polish colors to get an ombre look.

So if you need a segment of blue on your nails, I recommend checking out this nail polish. Instead of using a nude color, you use blue as the base, which creates a very subtle and deep effect! It is one of my favourite blue nail ideas because it is so amazing.

14. Blue And Purple Ombre Highlights – Blue Nail Ideas

If you want cool nails but want to make your pin stand out, I recommend adding a different colour to your blue nail polish.

For example, purple nail polish with a blue background would look amazing, like in this video,

15. Glossy Blue Gradient Nails

If the ombre nail design is not flashy enough, you can add some glitter to make your nails stand out.

The silver shimmer will look faultless with just about any blue ombre design you want to try. I suggest adding glitter to the nail tips to create a star effect.

Blue Nail Ideas – Funny Blue Nail Designs

16. Golden Key

If you love cool nail designs or intricate designs, there are many blue nail designs to choose from!

For example, you can make a winter nail design like cool snow nails with blue nail polish.

17. Blue Butterfly Nails – Blue Nail Ideas

Butterfly designs are also popular nowadays (according to All Income 2000). So if you need to keep up with all nail trends, use blue nail polish.

I love looking at the blue color butterfly in the photo above. It’s super cute and would definitely look right at home in a Y2K music video.

18. Ocean Blue Nails

You can also choose a beautiful sea design with an ocean-blue nail, as shown in this video. This nail look gives off a mermaid vibe – so cute!

While this pin might seem a bit more complicated initially, this short tutorial will teach you exactly how to do it.

19 Leg And Rhinestone Nails – Blue Nail Ideas

To add sparkle to a cool blue nail look, add rhinestones and glitter to your nail art. This will make your nails stand out and sparkle which is perfect for a formal event or party.

This cute tutorial combining sparkles and rhinestones with a polished blue nail is an example of a cool and cute blue nail look.

20. Blue Swirl Nails

If you’ve been keeping up with all the new nail trends lately, I’m sure you’ve seen the nail trend pop up. I absolutely love this nail polish because it’s different and fun to work with your nails. What I also love around this nail trend is that it looks great with any color imaginable.

21. Abstract Blue Buttons – Blue Nail Ideas

Turn to the other nail you will love and peel off the blue nail polish, an abstract nail design.

If you’ve never tried this trend before and want to learn exactly how to achieve this look, here’s a tutorial that uses different shades of blue to create a cool abstract nail design—usually a painting or stained glass – striking and unique.


This article gives the idea of blue nails. It gives the types and designs of nails, in which nails are designed in blue. The above article is just for informational purpose.

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