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Chlorine Tablets for Drinking Water and Purification

chlorine tablets


Chlorine tablets kill the most infected viruses and bacteria in water, and 50000 litres can be treated, and it is used for the treatment of drinking water and also for purification. Water purification tablets can be used in disinfected water and for washing fruits and vegetables to disinfect with water.

Therefore, the worldwide accepted method of disinfection and purification of water to make it potable is chlorination of water. For low cost, economical, purifying of water, under several schemes get supply in many rural areas. Chlorine tablets are highly effective; this is the easiest method of purification and disinfection of water.



Suppose you are facing the issues like irritation, feeling of burning sensation, or dermatitis with contact with using chlorine tablets. Infants and pregnant women should not consume chlorine tablets. Suppose experiencing any vomiting sensation on finishing of chlorine water. Always keep the tablets away from the children, and use the tablets only if prescribed. The pills are effective against some bacteria, fungi, viruses and their spores but do not eliminate sediments and dust from the water.

Although it may seem that there is only one use for bleaching, it can be used in many ways. Since bleach is a popular disinfectant, it’s best to use it sparingly on kitchen or bathroom surfaces. One of the main reasons bleach is found in kitchen cleaning sprays is that it can kill common foodborne germs that can live on your kitchen counters. However, doing this in a well-ventilated area and in small quantities is necessary. It has also been proven repeatedly that chlorine is also good for drinking water as it kills many germs when handled properly and in the right amount. It also does not cause much harm to the environment, so it will be a sustainable choice when you decide to buy it.


It would help if you consumed the tablets only after the doctor’s prescription and buy according to your convenience instead of purchasing them in large stocks. Purchasing tablets will ensure you regarding the chlorine percentage in your water. Excess chemicals in water can be harmful to the body. The chlorine tablets comes in different sizes considering the amount of water needed to disinfect. Therefore, 1 mg of the tablets is sufficient for 1 litre of water.

The concept of chlorination of water purification has replaces over the years. The chlorine tablets are easy to use, inexpensive, with rapid action, and ensure drinkable water.

Variety – Chlorine Tablets

These chlorine tablets are also available in portable form, strip form, or small packages. For example, these options provide users with ease of use for other needs such as travel or vacation. Hence, it can be easily carried while hiking or camping.


Safe Drinking Water:

It provides clean drinking water because of its sanitizing and sterilizing properties. Adding chlorine to drinking water also greatly limits the occurrence of frequent waterborne disease outbreaks.

Household disinfectant:

It is a bleaching agent, and it helps to disinfect clothes and also whiten them. It can be used for household cleaning and is prone to infection.

Disinfecting eatables:

Chlorine is safe for human consumption, but as diluted chlorine. As it uses for washing vegetables and fruits and can fight food-borne pathogens.

Healthcare services:

It is very powerful to fight pathogens in hospitals, nurseries, and other healthcare service areas. It’s a part of first aid or disaster management kits.

Is chlorinated water safe for consumption?

Chlorine may be harsh against disease-causing bacteria, but it neutralizes in our bodies. Also, the concentration of chlorine in chlorine that is sufficient to kill morsels of pathogens is perhaps too low to cause any significant injury to humans.

Chlorine Tablets – When to use it?

Benefits – Chlorine Tablets

Today, people are no outsiders to chlorine tablets and the wonders they do in killing waterborne disease-causing pathogens. It is now easier than ever to chlorinate water because you can easily purchase chlorine tablets made specifically for this purpose.

Chlorine Tablets

Chlorine is effective against many microbes that cause typhoid, diarrhoea, cholera, hepatitis, and other waterborne diseases. And also, tablets believe to be responsible for eliminating water diseases globally, and life magazine recently called it “the greatest public health development of the millennium.
These are solids that form a health and waterborne pathogens.

Chlorine tablets act as disinfectants and kill microorganisms while treating water, thus maintaining its drinking quality. Therefore, to work against microbes, chlorine tablets can deactivate enzymes due to their high reactivity. But it does not affect the cytoplasmic enzymes; therefore, the water is also safe to drink.

The action of Chlorine Tablets

The chlorine quickly dissolves in the water, and for the best result, they work for 30 minutes. The action of microbial killing is due to the ability to end the cell wall of bacteria in contact with it. Its spectrum of activity works against hydrophilic viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoa.


Therefore, this article is about chlorine tablets and their uses. It also gives information about chlorine tablet dosage, precautions, uses, and many more. The above details are just for informational purpose.

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