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Delhi Health Bulletin – Introduction, Coronavirus Wave, Omicron Variant Cases

Delhi Health Bulletin – Introduction, Coronavirus Wave, Omicron Variant Cases


Delhi Health Bulletin – Department of Health and Family Welfare in the Government. NCT in Delhi has enormous responsibilities in the field of healthcare. The department caters to the health needs of nearly 160 lakhs of the city’s ever-growing population. Also, it has to share the burden of immigration and the floating population from neighboring countries which make up nearly 33% of the total intake in major hospitals in Delhi. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of NCT in Delhi is headed by the Chief Secretary. Delhi Health Bulletin – the department plays an important role and is committed to providing healthcare facilities to the people of Delhi.

Delhi Health Bulletin – Coronavirus Wave in Delhi 2022

Delhi’s Health Minister Satyendra Jain said that Delhi will report around 10,000 new coronavirus cases today, marking the start of the fifth wave of the virus.

Delhi Health Bulletin – Satyendra Jain said the infection rate is expected to rise to 10 per cent in Delhi’s capital.

He warned Delhi people that although the symptoms of the omicron appeared to be mild, all protocols related to the coronavirus must be adhered to.

The number of coronavirus cases in the Delhi health bulletin record is more than 5000. And also, the government announces new restrictions due to deaths. The number of fatalities increasing daily after many precautions leads to many regulations and rules. Many rules forms and are strictly instructed to follow.


Therefore, any patients with the omicron have not yet needed oxygen support.
He said that the survey of coronavirus cases is more than one per cent. About 496 new cases were people infected with the fifth wave, and not a single Omicron patient required oxygen support.

Thus, he also mentions that It is noticed that people returning from outside India coming back homes to their families are affected by omicron. Those people should take precautions and take rest to eliminate the virus. The virus is noticed in many people’s families whose family members are returning to homes. But everyone should take precautions.

Delhi Health Bulletin: Federal health ministry releases a bulletin that Delhi shows 238 cumulative cases out of overall omicron cases in the country. Delhi is topping the list in the case list. And also, It is reported with more new topics, around 496 of COVID-19. And also shows that one omicron patient died while fighting with it.

Covid-19 In The Year 2022

Delhi Health Bulletin – Covid-19 Positive Cases

According to govt survey, there are almost 325 positive cases in Delhi, and tests conducted 40284. The positivity rate is 0.81%, and deaths are 01.

Delhi Health Bulletin – Covid ~19 Facility Status

Total beds occupied during Covid in hospitals Dedicated Covid Hospitals ~ They provide total beds of 10945 and occupy 150, about 1.37. %, And vacant 10795 -Covid care centers ~ There are a total of beds 2625, and occupied 05 (0.19%), and Vacant 2620 (99.81%) Health centers ~ Total beds 162, and Occupied 00, vacant 162( 100%)

Details of Hospitalized Patients

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

COVID-19: Delhi Sees 2,162 New Cases, Five More Deaths – As Of August 2022

Delhi health bulletin reported 2,162 new cases of COVID-19 with a positive rate of 12.64 per cent, while five more people died of the disease, according to data released by the city’s health department. It is the 12th consecutive day the city has recorded more than 2,000 cases per day.

On the weekend, nine deaths reports due to COVID-19, and 2,031 cases with a positive rate of 12.34 per cent.

Then, ten deaths, the maximum in six months, and 2,136 cases, with a positive rate of 15.02 per cent.

The national capital recorded 12 deaths from COVID-19 on February 13.

Slowly, new cases came out of 17,106 COVID-19 tests, the Ministry of Health said in its latest publication.

Delhi Health Bulletin – 218 New Cases Of COVID-19, No New Deaths In Delhi – As Of September 2022

Omicron, Sub-Lineages Still Dominant Variant: As Of October 2022


This Article contains some important information about the department of health in the government. And also, there are several points about the coronavirus wave in Delhi 2022 where Satyendra Jain (Health Minister) raised facts about COVID-19 Wave 2022. It also explains covid cases, covid patients’ records, and death cases in Delhi as of august, September, and October government records. And also, Details of increasing omicron cases in 2022. The above Article is for information.

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