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Depression Write for Us

Depression is a serious and common medical illness that negatively affects your feelings. It is just the way you think and how you act. There are several causes of depression, sadness or loss of interest in some activities you enjoyed. There is a mixed emotion with physical complications that can decrease your capacity to function at work and home.

Risk Factors

Therefore, it can affect anyone, even those living in relatively ideal circumstances.

Numerous factors play a role:

How is depression treated?

Itis something which can be easily curable. Therefore, 80% to 90% of people with it, ultimately respond well to treatment. Almost all patients get some relief from their symptoms.

Before diagnosis or treatment, a health professional should perform a comprehensive clinical evaluation, including an interview and physical examination. Thus, the review will identify specific symptoms and explore medical and family history and cultural and environmental factors to reach a diagnosis and formulate a plan of action. And also in some cases, blood tests can be done to ensure a medical illness, such as a thyroid problem or a vitamin deficiency, doesn’t cause depression.


In one person, develops due to specific circumstances. There are several types of depressions.

Major depression – This involves symptoms of depression for at least two weeks and interferes with the ability to work, study, eat and sleep.

Persistent depressing disorder (also called dysthymia) often involves less severe depressive symptoms that last for a longer period, usually at least two years.

And also, perinatal depression happens when a woman experiences it, during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Seasonal affective disorder, which derives and goes with the seasons, usually begins in late fall and early winter and subsides during the spring and summer.

Thus, depression with signs of psychosis is a severe method of depression in which a person experiences symptoms of psychosis, such as misconceptions or hallucinations.

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