Gym Alternative – Exercise is one of the resolutions we consider most for the New Year. Although the most common option is to join a gym. If you don’t want to lock up, you don’t feel completely comfortable with it, or you just like spending money on other things, there are many options for getting in shape. We tell you eight gym options to stay active and care for your health. The easiest and cheapest way is to exercise outside.

Many sports are practiced You can do it on the street or in the parks.

Gym Alternative – Walk

Walking is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to exercise. It is a great option to start getting in shape and can adapt to suit all ages and physical conditions. Keep in mind that walking is not jogging; for exercise to be effective, we must be consistent and achieve a good rhythm. You can start by walking for Thirty minutes a day gradually increasing the difficulty, intensity, and duration of the exercise. Moreover, if we take advantage of specific points in our journey of climbing stairs, the health benefits increase.

Gym Alternative – Run

Gym Alternative - Run

Going for a run and practicing running is one of the most popular options among people who like to exercise outside and need flexible hours. Although it is an exercise that can be done alone, running together helps us maintain consistency. To avoid injuries and poor posture, trainers advise, especially in the beginning, to consult an instructor to help us perfect our running form. It is also essential to start slowly and increase the intensity and duration.

To avoid licking and poor posture, it is advisable, especially in the beginning, to consult with a trainer to help us correct our running form. It is also essential to start slowly and increase the intensity and duration of exercise. If we start running on the first day, we should not walk many kilometers.

Gym Alternative – Hiking

We can take advantage of the weekend to go hiking with friends or family. A fun activity that also allows us to enjoy nature. Walking in a natural environment, such as in fields or forests, breathing fresh air, in addition to physical benefits has many positive mental effects: it reduces stress, enhances memory and creativity, and boosts self-esteem.

Hiking is a sport that can adapt to all ages and physical conditions, but we should keep some recommendations in mind. Such as planning the route, staying well equipped and protected from the sun, and food. Don’t forget to bring water and a small first aid kit and mobile in case of emergency.

Gym Alternative – Go by Bike Cycles

It can be one of our alternatives to the gym to keep us in shape. Cities are increasingly drawn to using a bike as a means of transportation, and more and more people use it daily. Choose. We can use a bike instead of a car to go to work, run errands or take nature walks on weekends. Apart from toning the muscles, we also take care of the environment.

Gym Alternative – Parks with Exercise Area

Another way to exercise outside the gym is to go to the parks for training. In addition to trunks, benches, and paths for exercise, there are more and more parks with stations designed for physical activity, and in many. We already have specialized furniture such as parallel bars, pull-up bars, and abdominal benches.

Go to training In addition to trunks, courts, and paths for exercise. there are more and more parks with stations designed for physical activity, and in many. We already have specialize furniture such as parallel bars, pull-up bars, abdominal benches, ellipticals, and Other elements can be found. that they can help us fit out. There are other ways to exercise without going to the gym, but already indoors.

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In addition to being a fun activity, dancing is a form of aerobic exercise chosen by many people. Who find the gym boring and prefer more creative activities with a more social tone. Contemporary, Classical, Jazz, Tap, Salsa, Tango. We have many options for every taste and age.

Gym Alternative – Gym at Home

Gym Alternative - Gym at Home

Thanks to technology, we’ll only need a mat, a little space, and an internet connection to be able to exercise at home. Today we have experts explain many tutorials and routines on various social video platforms. That tell us how to do exercises, in general, or by working on specific areas of the body in our own home.

Mobile Apps

Mobile applications practically allow us to have a personal trainer. At our disposal to guide us on how to get in shape. There are! Many, and we have to try to choose the right one from them and the one that best suits what we want to achieve. Although we do not look for alternatives to joining the gym and exercising, it is necessary to be consistent and combine it with a healthy diet to get good results.

Also, to avoid injuries, problems, or health complications, recommends that we have a prior medical check-up. Gradually we will see results, we will feel better, and our bodies will get used to and enjoy the exercise.


Whether at home or in the gym, it often happens that we waste hours of work without seeing the results. Establishing a good training program is essential to avoid this situation. Depending on your program for weight loss, bodybuilding, fitness, or cardiovascular exercise, and your training load. The steps for setting up this program are similar.

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