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I am a Legend Alternate Ending – Explained,Creatures, and More

I am a Legend Alternate Ending – Explained

I am a Legend Alternate Ending

I Am a Legend Alternate Ending: The alternate ending to “I Am Legend” offers a stark departure from the theatrical version in several significant ways. However, the most notable difference lies in the fate of the protagonist, Dr. Robert Neville, portrayed by Will Smith. In this alternate ending, a fundamental departure from the original, Will Smith’s character survives.

This decision to have the protagonist survive in the alternate ending likely played a pivotal role in Warner Bros. and director Francis Lawrence’s choice to consider it as the canonical version. It provides a more hopeful and uplifting resolution to the story, contrasting with the more somber conclusion in the theatrical release. The survival of the lead character in the alternate ending offers a glimmer of optimism and a sense of triumph over the challenges presented by the apocalyptic world, ultimately reshaping the narrative and its thematic impact.

What are the Creatures?

What are the Creatures?

The movie reveals that the creatures terrorizing the world are humans who have fallen victim to the highly contagious Krippin Virus. This virus transmits through various means, including bodily fluids, physical contact, and even through the air. To compound the crisis, the KV also affects animals.

Once infected, individuals (or animals) undergo a disturbing transformation. They lose all their hair, and their skin becomes incredibly sensitive to UV light, much like vampires in folklore. Socially, they regress, reverting to more primitive and animalistic behaviors.

They form packs and become bloodthirsty predators, relentlessly seeking out their prey. The tendency is accentuated by their powerful screeching, which is pretty unnerving. Especially if immersed in the movie with headphones on. This portrayal of the infected individuals adds a chilling dimension to the narrative, emphasizing the dire consequences of the KV and the harrowing world it has created.

The Creatures Hold Intelligence

He drives out with Sam and finds one of the models moved. Robert shoots at it, but when he steps earlier to study, he falls into a trap similar to the one he formed earlier to catch the alpha female.

He cards out, wakes up, gets hurt, and also fights off hanger-on dogs with Sam. Unfortunately, Sam gets ill and is killed by Robert as she changes into a Darkseeker. He tries to save Sam with the remedy, but it doesn’t work.

The ‘I Am Legend’ Story Is Set To Continue

The 'I Am Legend' Story Is Set To Continue

For those who’ve only seen the theatrical version of “I Am Legend,” the revelation of an upcoming sequel with Will Smith reprising his role as Dr. Robert Neville might surprise me. Adding to the excitement, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is returning to craft the sequel, with the talented Michael B. Jordan set to join Smith in the cast.

Goldsman has hinted at an intriguing direction for the sequel, one that harkens back to the source material by Richard Matheson and the alternate ending of the first film. In February 2023, Goldsman shared with Deadline that they intend to explore the concept Matheson initially explored. The idea that humanity’s reign as the dominant species on Earth has reached its conclusion. This premise promises an intellectually stimulating and thought-provoking narrative as it delves into the evolution of our relationship with the world and each other.

Fans of the franchise can eagerly anticipate the sequel’s exploration of these themes, and it marks a thrilling continuation of the “I Am Legend” story, with its roots in both the classic novel and the alternate cinematic path.

What is the True Ending to I Am Legend?

What is the True Ending to I Am Legend_

In the Alternate Theatrical Version of the film, the ending takes a different turn than the original one. Instead of the dramatic and sacrificial act of blowing himself and the hemocytes up with a grenade, Dr. Neville makes a startling discovery. He realizes that the hemocytes had come for the female he had captured earlier in the movie, believing her to be the key to a cure.

In a surprising twist, Dr. Neville chooses compassion over destruction. He releases the captured female and returns her to the hemocytes. This decision emphasizes the theme of humanity in the face of adversity and also offers. A more hopeful and redemptive conclusion to the story.

It’s a departure from the original ending’s more intense and action-oriented climax. Focusing instead on the potential for understanding and cooperation between the two sides.


It is the story of a fighting virologist trying to find a cure. A virus that has bred people into vampire-like creatures. It’s built on the book I am Fable (1954) by Richard Matheson. To Warner Bros has must the civil rights since 1970. 1971, the company had already made a movie based on the book. The 2007 movie has two finishes and also differs entirely from the book. Before we get into that, let’s travel the story and the themes.

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