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Iyunosdi group 160m Softbank Investment Keeps Iyunosdi Group Growing


Iyunosdi group 160m Softbank – Lyuno-SDI Group is the entertainment industry’s leading localization service provider. Platforms like studios, entertainment workshops, live streaming and creators, lyuno, were the trusted global partner. As this platform was the world’s most recognized entertainment studio. It offers end-to-end services- localization service. It also provides services, from dubbing, subtitling and access services to management media, transformation and distribution services. Over 100 languages for every sort of content distribution platform.

What is Iyuno?

What is Iyuno?

Lyno was formed in 2021, following the SDI Media acquisition by Lynn media group. It is the best media industry. And also deal as the trusted global partner to the most recognized entertainment studios. The company is focused on its mission of connecting content, connecting people. Know the company boasts the largest global footprint with 67 offices in 34 countries. The company’s overall scale and customer-centric approach focuses on its mission. It also offers end-to-end localization services.

It offers different languages for every type of content distribution platform. And also develops potential talent early and supports the company’s growth. With the team organization, the company draws outstanding solutions with innovative thoughts and believes in collective intelligence. Lyuno will expand and take new business opportunities to develop our business systematically. It strives to be different. And constantly look for new ways to disrupt the status by improving the technology and operations. And also always change, embrace and diversity.

SDI Media Jobs – Iyunosdi group 160m Softbank

SDI Media Jobs - Iyunosdi group 160m Softbank

Sdi, owned by BNP Paribas bank, is a leading provider of language dubbing and subtitling services. It focuses on providing services to entertain companies worldwide.

SDI Media, owned by BNP Paribas bank, is a leading language dubbing and subtitling service provider to entertainment companies worldwide. And also, headquartered in West Los Angeles County in Culver City,

California, SDI Media maintains a global presence with offices in Manila, the Philippines and Warsaw, Poland, and is the only company serving major media organizations in all major geographic regions.

Globalism. Due to its international presence, SDI Media can provide services in more than 80 languages and provide comprehensive localization solutions for interactive games, feature films, new media, TV series and corporate needs. SDI Media employs over 1,000 people and 4,000 freelancers worldwide and offers a range of part-time, freelance and remote work opportunities.

Audio Recording Engineer I

Full Job Description

The Sound Recording Engineer bids end-to-end sound engineering services for creating and delivering sound recordings for broadcast, multimedia and DVD clients. A perfect candidate is a detail-oriented person with many tasks and a self-starter who can work independently and in an established team.

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

  • Record VO, lip-sync dialogue and songs with or without video reference according to client specifications
  • Record talent in the studio and remotely
  • Flag any recording issues during sessions to avoid pickups and/or retakes
  • Edit audio files quickly to remove dropout noise and irregularities
  • Ensure dialogue lip sync and timing
  • Report any issues with source material promptly for quick replacement (audio/video drop-outs, audio glitches, distortions, sync problems, missing lines and all the other errors spotted)
  • Problem-solve any software or technical errors that may arise in remote recording
  • Work with the scheduler and directors to maintain an established production schedule.

Production Coordinator III

The Production Coordinator oversees the setting up and completing of work assigned to Iyuno translation clients. The coordinator connects and works directly with the production manager. This position coordinates the work of the language production department by performing main duties and responsibilities that include, but are not limited to:

Principle Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintains and creates the language team schedule and establishes priorities for specific production tasks
  • Communicates and coordinates activities for new and ongoing projects with the production department to ensure that delivery supplies and objectives are accomplished within the given time frame and funding parameters
  • Assigns production tasks to individuals and vendors denoting project type and proposed completion date of the job be produced
  • Revises schedule according to client requests, production needs, established priorities, and availability or capability of staff or equipment.
  • Comments measures to improve production methods, equipment performance, and quality of a product.

About Softbank Group – Iyunosdi group 160m Softbank

About Softbank Group - Iyunosdi group 160m Softbank

SoftBank Group provides venture funding and strategic support to exceptional entrepreneurs building enduring disruptive businesses. They are a small team of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who take an “active” approach to help their companies reach their full potential. They manage $600 million across three funds and invest across a company’s lifecycle, from early to growth stages.

SoftBank Group’s business model is similar to that of a private equity firm, where it finances start-up companies and seeks to exit those investments through an IPO or commercial sale. Therefore, the company aims to capitalize on capital appreciation.

SoftBank is essentially a private, publicly traded company. Unlike most private equity firms, SoftBank remains to sustain its companies through publicly held stock after the IPO. As a result, SoftBank has a huge amount of assets on its balance sheet. He has significant stakes in major companies such as Alibaba, SoftBank Corp, ARM, T-Mobile and Uber. Its public holdings to private holdings in terms of equity value are 77% and 23%, respectively.

Therefore, given its business model, the most appropriate way to value the company is to calculate the market value of its net investments. Similar to private equity firms, SoftBank also uses leverage to acquire companies. For this reason, the more the debt increases in the company. This means that we must also subtract the net debt from the market value of the total investment. According to the information gathered from the sources,

For an even more accurate estimate, we have subtracted direct costs and direct CapEx incurred by SoftBank Group to manage its subsidiaries/investments directly. The evaluation equation remains as follows:

Net Asset Value = Market Value of Investments – Net Debt
Equity Value = NAV – Direct Expenses

Iyuno SDI Group 160m Softbank

Iyuno SDI Group 160m Softbank

Iyunosdi group 160m Softbank – A provider of lyuno sDI Group translated subtitles, and other broadcasting localization services announced today it has raised $160 million in money from SoftBank Vision Fund 2. Thus, the concern said this makes the fund one of its main shareholders.

Iyuno-SDI Group was designed after Iyuno Media Group completed its gaining of SDI Media last month. In a fresh interview with TechCrunch, Iyuno-SDI Group CEO David Lee, who started Iyuno as a graduate student in Seoul in 2002, discussed how the company’s proprietary cloud-based enterprise resource planning software allows it to perform localization services, with subtitles, dubbing and availability features – at scale.

Iuneo also built its neural machine translation engines trained on data from specific entertainment genres to help its human translators get to work faster. The company’s customers include Netflix, Apple iTunes, DreamWorks, HBO and Entertaining One.

Now that its merger is complete, Iyuno-SDI Group functions a collection of 67 offices in 34 countries and can perform localization services in over 100 languages. According to the information gathered from the sources,

And also, softBank Group first invested in Euno Media Group in 2018 through SoftBank Ventures Asia, its venture capital arm. SoftBank Vision Fund 2 will join the board of EUNO-SDI Group.


Therefore, the Iyuno-SDI Group was founded in 2021 after the acquisition of SDI Media by the Iyuno Media Group. Leveraging the best creative and technical talent, state-of-the-art facilities and next-generation technology, the company now has the largest worldwide footprint with 67 offices in 34 countries. Thus, the company’s scale and customer-centric approach are driven by its mission to connect content and people.

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