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Licking County Health Department – Covid-19 Information

Lick County Health Department

Licking County Health Department – The mission of the Licking County Health Department is to prevent disease, protect the environment and promote healthy lifestyles for those who work, live or play in Licking County. Our vision is that the result of our work will be healthy people living in healthy communities in Licking County.

Licking County Health Department Covid-19 Information

  • County licking COVID-19 data as of 1/11/2022. Covid cases will be posted on our website every month.
  • Since Wednesday, October 5, the Licking County Health Department has reported 599 new cases of COVID-19. There are 193 active cases of COVID-19 (including confirmed and probable cases).
  • Therefore, there are currently seven who hospitalised from LMH
  • “active isolation cases” – And also, within ten days of the onset of symptoms or a positive test result
  • “In cases of isolation” – And also, within five days of the onset of symptoms or a positive test result
  • LCD uses the date of a positive test result to estimate the period for which an individual considers to be in isolation for data tracking purposes only. And also, this is due to the inconsistency of symptom onset data available now.

Licking County Health Department – Frequently Asked Questions

Licking County Health Department - Frequently Asked Questions

Governor Mike DeWine announced
Face coverings required for all Ohio residents
until further notice.

What is considered a face mask/covering?

  • For system purposes, flip
  • A cover (facade) is any covering material
  • The person’s nose, mouth and chin.

What exactly does it take?

  • Everyone in Licking County wears it
  • Wearing a face covering at all times when:
  • Does not exist anywhere inside the house

Habitat – Licking County Health Department

  • Thus, out and about, unable to consistently maintain a distance of six feet or more
    persons who are not members of his family; either
  • And also, waiting, ridesharing, driving, operating public transportation, taxis, personal care
    service, or ride-sharing vehicles. This does not apply to private or leased vehicles
  • Family members share a car. This does not apply to operating vehicles
  • Thus, direct travel in a province does not stop in that province

Who will implement it?

  • LCD will accept and act on complaints from the public about people not wearing masks
  • Thus, we deserve To respond to LCD in a timely and orderly manner; please send an email
  • Send complaints to Stay-at-home There are no planned penalties at this time unless a
  • Therefore, one town/village in Licking County has enacted its face-covering ordinance.

How long will this last?

Therefore, Ohio’s governor will continue to require wearing face coverings until further notice
DeWine declares otherwise.

Who is Exempt from Wearing a Mask/Face Covering?

  • Thus, the requirement to wear a face covering does not apply in the following cases:
  • The person is under ten years of age, a medical condition, including people with a respiratory infection that restricts breathing, mental health conditions or disabilities prohibiting the wearing of a face covering,
  • Therefore,  person communicates or wishes to share with a difficult person hearing or other disability where the ability to see through the mouth is essential
  • Telecom being alone in a closed space, such as an office, and any place that is not
  • It intends for use or access by the public the person actively participates in exercise for six or six in a gym or indoor facility
  • There are more feet of separation between individuals, the person actively participates in a game, fight or competition
  • And also, permitted by a separate order of the Ministry of Health
  • Thus, the individual actively participates in the area of public safety, which includes but is not limited to law enforcement, firefighters, or emergency medical personnel, the person is sitting in a restaurant or bar and is actively consuming food or drink,
  • face coverings are prohibited by law or regulation,
  • face covering violates documented industry standards,
  • Therefore, face covering violates the company’s documented security policies,
  • the person actively participates in broadcast communications, or the person responsible for a religious service

Project Dawn – Prevent Deaths with Naloxone (Narcan)

Project Dawn - Prevent Deaths with Naloxone (Narcan)

Project DAWN is a community-based naloxone (also known as Narcan) program. Naloxone is a drug that can be used to reverse an opioid overdose.

Therefore, the project educates people who use opioids and their families and friends on recognizing the signs and symptoms of drug overdose and administering naloxone.

Behavioral Health Therapy Services Locator

Licking County Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services

  • Behavioral Health Services: (740)-522-8477, 65 Messimer Dr, Newark, OH 43055
  • Shepherd Hill: (220) 564-HEEL (4325), 200 Messimer Drive
    Newark, Ohio.
  • Therefore, Licking County Alcoholism Prevention Program (LAPP): (740)-366-7303, 62 East Stevens St. Newark, OH 43055
  • Brightview: (833)-510-4357, 1445 West Main Street, Newark, OH 43055
  • And also Mid-Ohio Psychological Services, Inc.: (740)-281-1777, 68 W Church St., 3rd Floor, Suite 300, Newark, OH 43055
  • Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Services Serving Licking County Residents
  • Columbus Springs: (614)-300-9100, 2085 Citygate Dr. Columbus, Ohio (men and women)
  • Thus, Cedar Ridge Behavioral: (855)-692-7247, 841 Steubenville Ave. Cambridge, OH
  • Maryhaven: (614)-445-8131, 1791 Alum Creek Dr Columbus, Ohio 43207
  • Muskingum Valley Health Center: (740)-891-9000, 716 Adair Avenue Zanesville, OH 43701
  • Berry Choice for Behavioral Health: (740)-342-1991; 203 North Main Street New Lexington, OH 43764-1264
  • Village Network: (740)-788-8850, 14 Sandalwood Drive Newark, OH 43055. According to the information gathered from the sources, lickingcohealth

Licking County Health Department – Acute Medications And Prescriptions

licking county health department

Medications are important in treating certain conditions and diseases but should be taken cautiously. Thus, safe storage and disposal of expired or unnecessary painkillers, antidepressants. And other medications reduce the risk of abuse by children or others. Therefore, for a fee of $5.00, the Licking County Health Department accepts regular-sized sharps containers for disposal at home.

LCD cannot accept any medication for clearance.

Under Ohio law, only law implementation agencies and druggists can be drop-off locations for prescription drugs. Medication days offers twice a year, in April and October, but it is best to get rid of unused medication throughout the year by going to a drop-off location.

In Licking County, the next locations accept pills, though they do not accept liquid medications or sharp objects.

  • Licking County Sheriff’s Office, 155 E Main Street, Newark, OH 43055
  • Newark Police Department, 39 S. 4th Street, Newark, OH 43055
  • Pataskala Police Department, 623 W Broad Street, Pataskala, OH 43062
  • Johnstown Police Department, 599 d. Main St. Johnstown, Ohio 43031
  • Hebron Police Department, 934 West Main Street, Hebron, OH 43025
  • Department of Public Health, 1287 Hebron Road, Heath, OH 43056
  • And also, learn more about disposing of medications at home here:

Options for getting rid of certain medications:

Thus, small amounts of most drugs can dispose of by mixing the medication with solid waste or disposing of it down the drain.

Household Sharps Disposal Options: Licking County Health Department

Small syringes for personal use can be thrown away with solid waste. The instructions suggest placing used needles in a household container, such as a bottle of laundry detergent, bleach, or a strong, opaque plastic container with a screw cap. According to the information gathered from the sources,


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