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Pm Kisan Samman Nidhi Ekyc – Everything You Need To Know

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme: It is mandatory for the farmers who register for PMKISAN to get eKYC done. OTP-based eKYC can be done on PM Kisan Portal. You can visit the nearest CSC center to get biometric-based eKYC done.

PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme: PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana  (PM Kisan) is one of the most popular schemes among the government schemes being run for the farmers in the country. Since the end of 2018, the Modi government has been running this scheme to help small and poor farmers in the country. It is also called PM Kisan Yojana. Under this scheme, the government releases an amount of Rs 6,000 to the farmers in a year directly in their account so that they can spend on their expenses related to farming. This amount is divided into four installments of two thousand each. Some conditions have to be fulfilled to join this scheme. Only those farmers who fulfill these conditions get their benefit. And they have to provide some documents for this. But the biggest thing is farmers must get KYC done to continue taking advantage of the scheme.

Why Is It Necessary To Get Pm Kisan’s E-KYC Done?

Why Is It Necessary To Get Pm Kisan's E-KYC Done?

Pm Kisan e-KYC has been made mandatory for the installment given to farmers under PM Kisan Yojana. E-KYC means online Know Your Customer. All the beneficiary farmers must get this done because the government will keep the information of all the beneficiaries and eligible farmers under the scheme, and it will be easy for them to take advantage of the government schemes. This can also prevent misuse of the scheme because such accounts have also been seen, despite not being eligible for the scheme, are taking advantage of it wrongly. In such a situation, KYC helps in identifying these accounts.

Benefits and Features of Pm Kisan e-KYC

Farmers who complete the process of e-KYC under PM Kisan Yojana will get many benefits. The information about all such benefits is as follows.

  • It has been made mandatory by the Central Government to complete the process of e-KYC to bring more money into the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi.
  • With this, all the eligible farmers registered in PM Kisan Yojana can be identified, and they can benefit from the scheme.
  • Under the PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana, an amount of Rs 6000 each is released in three installments to the needy farmers of the country.
  • With the completion of the e-KYC process in the scheme, the farmers’ information will be available to the government.
  • One has to visit the website of PM Kisan Yojana and download the PM Kisan mobile app to check the notification and status of installments.
  • Applicants will be able to complete the process of e-KYC through the internet on their mobile while sitting at home.
  • Therefore, fraudsters under Pm Kisan e-KYC have been excluded from this program, and the money will always be given to the correct and eligible beneficiary farmers.
  • The amount of the next installment will be transferred only to those farmers who have completed the process of e-KYC under the scheme.

The objective of Pm Kisan e-KYC

Therefore the main objective of starting the process of e-KYC in PM Kisan Samman Nidhi by the Central Government is to identify the registered beneficiaries and eligible farmers under the scheme and provide them the scheme’s benefits. And also, as installments are issued under the scheme to provide financial assistance to the needy and weak-income group farmers of the country, several people in the country are taking advantage of this scheme incorrectly and identifying all such ineligible farmers, removing them from the scheme, and providing benefits of the method to only eligible farmers.

For this, under the scheme, the amount of the next installment will be transferred to the farmers who complete the process of PM Kisan e-KYC, due to which no eligible farmer in the country will be deprived of taking advantage of the scheme, along with this, under online e-KYC Due to availability of information of all the farmers, disturbances in the method can be prevented. And also, there will be more transparency in the works.

Complete PM Kisan Samman Nidhi e-KYC?

According to media reports, the 14th installment will soon come into the farmers’ account. There is important news for the farmers waiting for the next installment in such a situation. If he has not done the eKYC of his PM Kisan account, then get it done. EKYC of the PM Kisan account has become mandatory. To continue taking advantage of the scheme, complete this work as soon as possible.

Therefore, the government said on the official website of Prime Minister Kisan that eKYC is mandatory. In case eKYC has not been performed for your account, you can do so by visiting your nearest CSC or through an online broker.

Know how to complete your e-KYC:

  •  Firstly, you have to check the official website of PM Kisan at
  • After coming on the home page, click on the e-KYC option on the right side.
  • Now enter your Aadhaar card number and captcha code.
  • Click on Search.
  • Enter your mobile number, which is linked to Aadhaar.
  • You will get an OTP on your mobile number. Please enter it in the relevant space.
  • Finally, click on submit. Your KYC process is complete.

Changes in the rules related to Prime Minister Kisan Al-Samman Al-Nidi!

Farmers should do this work instantly to take advantage of the fourteenth installment

Chief Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi: Farmers are getting financial help from the Modi government under the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme. Under this, six thousand Indian rupees are given to them in three installments a year, and 2-2 lakhs are transferred to the farmers’ account thrice a year. The farmers are eagerly waiting for the Samman Nidhi. So far, 13 installments have been transferred to his account. Now he is waiting for the fourteenth installment.

How to check PM Kisan’s Beneficiary Status (Status Check)?

  • Farmer brothers, do you need the e-KYC of PM Kisan or not? You can check pm kisan status by following the steps below.
  • To know the status of Pm Kisan e-KYC, you must first go to its official website,
  • After coming to the home page of PM Kisan, you have to click on the Beneficiary Status option.
  • After this, you will come to the next page, where you must select any of the Aadhaar numbers, account numbers, and mobile numbers.
  • After selecting the option, click the “Get Data” option.
  • In this way, the status of your e-Kyc will appear on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions Under Pm Kisan Samman Nidhi Ekyc

Q.1: Will all farmer brothers have to get PM Kisan e KYC done?

Answer: Yes, if you have to take your installments regularly, getting pm kisan yojana ekyc done is necessary.

Q.2: If farmers have not done eKYC, will they not get their next installment?

Answer: No. If the farmers have not done e-KYC, then they will not be able to get their next installment. That’s why you must update your e-KYC.

Q. 3: How to do PM Kisan e KYC online?

Answer: You can do PM Kisan e KYC online by visiting the official website of In this article, you will get complete information about E-KYC. Please read it carefully.

Q.4: Can PM Kisan do e-KYC offline also?

Answer: Yes, you can also do PM Kisan e-KYC offline. For this, you have to visit the nearest CSC center where you can get this process done.

Q.5: What is the solution if an invalid OTP option appears while doing PM Kisan e-KYC?

Answer: If you also have to face this problem, you have to wait for a day or two because this problem occurs due to the server down of the official website. Or if your mobile number is not linked to Aadhaar, then this problem arises. You must go to the nearest CSC center and update your mobile number.

Q.6: What is the fee to be paid for getting e-KYC done by CSC?

Answer: Therefore, You must pay 15 to 30 rupees to complete this process by CSC.

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