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Skin So Soft – Is Skin So Soft Oil Good for Your Skin?


The unique scent of Avon Skin So Soft Oil has been said to repel mosquitos for a long time now. In addition, we have compiled Uses for Avon Skin So Soft bath oil.

Avon has a residential Skin So Soft Bug Guard, which is very effective, but you can make your bug spray with the oil and a few other simple ingredients

Does Skin So Soft Bath Oil Work as a Bug Spray?

Skin So Soft

Avon Skin So Soft creative Bath Oil enjoys a decades-long standing as an effective insect repellent. Avon emphasizes that oil isn’t designed as a bug spray and makes no claim that it facility as one. But many Amazon reviewers say it helps region off bugs, as Trip. Advisor contributors were referencing their Trips to temperate destinations and mosquito-infested locals.

So Consumer Reports will test Avon Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil and Avon Skin-So-Soft Bug Guard Plus Picaridin insect repellent. Here’s what we found.

Not a Good Insect-Repellent Choice

The Skin So Soft unique Bath Oil didn’t perform well in our most recent insect killer testing. That result tracks the last time we tested the product’s insect-repellent abilities in 1993.

This time, the oil provides only about two hours of defense from deer ticks and two kinds of mosquitoes, the Aedes variety, and Culex. That would put it amid the worst-performing insect repellents we tested: The products we advocate generally defend for upwards of seven hours.

“While we know that many customers have twisted to Skin So Soft Bath Oil, the product is not intended to repel mosquitoes or sold for that purpose, and not approved by the EPA as a repellent,” Avon said to Consumer Reports.

A Middle of the Pack Performer

Skin So Soft Bug protector Plus Picaridin, a devoted insect revolting, performed sensibly well against ticks and mosquitoes. That places it with the midrange performer of the insect repellents we experienced

The product’s active element, Picaridin, is a synthetic repellent modeled after a compound that occurs naturally in the black pepper plant. In Skin So Soft’s development, the concentration is 10 percent. In our recommended products containing Picaridin, the attention is 20 percent.

Avon pointed out that its insect killer products are debt-free. Three of the crop we recommend contain DEET, from 15 percent to 30 percent concentration. We think up to a 30 percent concentration is safe when used correctly.

One more Avon produce, Skin So Soft Plus IR3535 journey, combines insect repellent with sunscreen. We didn’t test that creation as either a repellent or sunscreen because we think combination products are a terrible idea. Sunscreens should remain applied liberally and often; the same isn’t true for bug sprays so that the combination could lead to needlessly high doses of insect repellent.

Best Ways to Avoid Bug Bites

Best Ways to Avoid Bug Bites

An effective insect repellent is essential to keeping bugs at bay, especially if you are roaming in an area anywhere the Zika virus is common.

And consider Avon when it says the Skin So Soft Bath Oil remains meant to repel mosquitoes. As the company advertises, it may work for “skin moisturizing” and “dryness reducing,” but avoiding bug bites is not a good bet.

The Origins – Skin So Soft

Skin So Soft

After searching and penetrating, I could not confirm any exacting origin story for the claim that the Original Bath Oil keeps bugs away. However, I determined that people have been claiming since the 1960s – the same decade Bath Oil primary hit the market in 1961!

One possible cause it began is Citronella. Until around the 1990s, Bath Oil contained Citronella as an ingredient. This extract remains commonly regarded as a natural insect disgusting. The curious thing, however, is that people still get unbelievable results even now that Avon has distorted the Bath Oil formula. It now contains Jojoba oil in the place of Citronella. So, for now, we will have to believe the fact that this may forever be a mystery! Somebody must have discovered by accident that it works for them; the rest is history!


In Skin So Soft Oil and other products, such as baby oil, the key ingredient is mineral oil. Which forms a layer of goo that a mosquito must penetrate before it can suck your blood. Schreck and his colleagues compared to diet and, diet blew away the competition.

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