Don’t Confuse Weight Loss with Fat Loss

Weight Loss Tips  – Many people are looking to lose a few extra pounds. But the important thing is not so much the weight as the body fat percentage. The excess fats must be eliminated (they are part of fat mass), preserving or developing muscles (lean mass). You’re on the right track if you’re gaining weight by building muscle while losing fat.

Four Conditions to Optimize Weight Loss

Four Conditions to Optimize Weight Loss

To lose fat permanently, you must reduce fat mass by combining a healthy and balanced diet and physical activity, a little sport, but not in any way (see below), and avoiding as much as possible. Stress releases hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) that physically stimulate the body to protect it from the source of stress but indirectly promote poor nutrition and weight gain.

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To Lose Weight Healthily, that is, to Lose Excess Fat, you Must:

A balanced diet: allows not to store more fat than necessary. To lose fat and weight, you don’t necessarily have to eat less, but you do have to eat better. Certain foods or combinations limit fat storage. Certain dietary supplements can also help you.

A little physical activity helps eliminate excess fat by activating the metabolism. With training, the fat utilization process becomes more efficient. Sport is not necessarily an effective way to lose weight. You still have to follow specific rules. We talk about it below.

A serene life and an adapted lifestyle prevent additional fat storage.

Understand the origin of the problem: the problem to deal with is not that I overeat but that I overeat. Losing weight becomes a much more manageable goal if this problem is fixed.

Here are seven simple and practical tips to lose weight and fat permanently. The list is not exhaustive. We wanted to highlight some effective and not always well-known tips.

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Weight Loss Tip 1: Increase your Basal Metabolic Rate to Burn more Fat at Rest!

Metabolism is a transformation process by which we burn calories. The higher it is, the more fat burned. To lose a little weight, you have to gain it!

Tip 2: To Burn Fat, do Sports but not Anyway

Does sport make you lose weight?
Exercising seems like an obvious way to lose weight. However, it is not so obvious. Read our dossier. Does sport make you lose weight? to understand why?
You should also know that most sports build muscle, which is heavy! But gaining strength will help you lose fat, which you need.

Tip 3: Practice Weight Training to Lose Fat almost without Doing Anything

You may think there is no connection between building muscle and losing weight. Also, during bodybuilding, you tend to gain a bit of importance early on due to muscle building, which is not very encouraging!

Weight Loss Tip 4: The 2-in-1 Method: is the Best Sport to Burn Fat

This trick seems obvious, but have you thought about it? If you have the best sport to lose your weight and your pods, laugh at the failure of one Pierre Deux coups: choose an activity that combines the advantages of advice 2 and 3 (you will lose your weight with cardio-training and bodybuilding)

Tip 5: Manage Your Blood Sugar Spike as Best you can to Lose Weight

We often hear that carbohydrates are fattening. This is not always true.
When we eat diets containing carbohydrates, the sugars they have are stored as muscle reserves (not fattening) or fat. This depends on the intensity of the blood sugar spike that follows the consumption of carbohydrate food. The higher it is, the more fat the body will store.

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Tip 6: To Burn Fat, Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle is vital to losing weight by acting both physically and mentally. Here are some simple and valuable tips you can follow:

  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated, flush toxins, and promote fat loss.
  • Eat healthy and balanced. Avoid excess. Eat until you are full but stop a little earlier. The feeling of satiety comes with a slight delay.
  • Don’t skip meals. Our body tends to save and accumulate when not fed enough. On the contrary, multiplying the meals allows you to spend more (digestion consumes calories and activates the metabolism). The ideal is to adopt five small meals a day.
  • bitten apple surrounded by a seamstress meter
  • I prefer fat-burning foods (citrus, apple, green tea, papaya, cinnamon, oat bran, and protein-rich foods, including 0% milk and white meat). If it’s too complicated for you, turn to dietary
  • supplements. Some natural products are very effective and help you lose fat more efficiently. We offer a list of some food supplements at the end of the article.
  • Eat slowly: this allows you to eat less (the feeling of satiety takes time to arrive) and better appreciate what you eat!
  • Engage in regular physical activity, even if it’s just a little gardening or housework. This will increase your basal metabolism.
  • Adapt your lifestyle: avoid elevators, and do your shopping on foot (in addition to running!). The WHO recommends taking at least 10,000 steps per day: get an activity bracelet to know how much you walk per day, motivate yourself to move and track your progress.

Weight Loss Tip 7: To Eat Less, Understand and Address Why you’re Overeating

One last tip, the best for last! Many people gain weight because they overeat and exercise too little. This approach frees compulsive behaviors (tobacco, alcohol, food, sugar, etc.). Unfortunately, it is not widely known and is still not widespread today.

  • The motivation that leads to “overeating” is often an unconscious solution to solve a deeper problem, often of a psychological nature.
  • Food supplements that help burn fat
  • Some dietary supplements can help help you lose fat. These goods must be carefully selected and should not replace a balanced diet. Seek the advice of a doctor.
  • Below is a list of excellent products that can help you. Note: Some supplements are presented by the manufacturer and the Ana store store that we have selected for the quality of their products.
  • Capsimax: chilli extract to burn more calories
    Green coffee + Green tea: a usual way to reduce fat absorption
    Vital Slimming Syrup: Weight Loss and Body Detox.

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To burn fat and gain muscle mass simultaneously, it is necessary to practice physical activity daily, have good rest hours and have a balanced diet with higher consumption of proteins and good fats.
Physical activity should be mainly focused on strength exercises, such as bodybuilding and CrossFit,

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