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Cosmetologist – Introduction, Role, Skills, and More


A cosmetologist is a person who prepares products for cosmetic brands. An excellent chemist, he generally works in a laboratory surrounded by other scientists. It is a profession with a great future, where we work for the good of people through the manufacture of cosmetics and care, beauty or hygiene products. Do.

What is the Role of the Cosmetologist?

The cosmetologist is a scientist responsible for the manufacture and manufacture of cosmetic products, whether it is makeup or body care. Their workplace is usually a laboratory. Depending on the specifications, Therefore, he plans to design a new treatment or improve an existing product. He tests and analyzes to find the correct formulation to complete his projects. Its functions govern by compliance with safety and health standards. It has an essential role in developing a product and its production.

What Qualifications do you Need to Become a Cosmetologist?

Cosmetology is an exciting field full of opportunities and challenges. To practice this profession, you should like to experiment. Cosmetologists should constantly show ingenuity and renewal to offer more advanced and practical solutions. An open and curious mind is strongly recommended to become a cosmetologist. Good interpersonal skills are essential for this professional who generally works in a team with other scientists. Sensory properties are also helpful in judging the excellent appearance or good smell of its creation.

Cosmetology is a branch of chemistry and biochemistry. So this job requires extensive knowledge in these areas. Thus, to realize the structure of the products, the cosmetologist must know its ingredients and their reactions. It should have great scientific rigor. Accuracy and patience daily will be necessary for him as he must do many tests before finding the proper formulation for his product. Particular safety and health standards exist in the field of cosmetology. He should essentially know them and apply them to his teams.

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What Studies Should you do to become a Cosmetologist?

What Studies Should you do to become a Cosmetologist?

It is advisable to study in the field of chemistry to become a cosmetologist. The minimum BAC +3 level is required to do the profession. The BAC+5 level is strongly recommended. The diploma to achieve this includes courses on the basic principles of biology and biochemistry that are essential for cosmetologists. Thus, the master’s level allows you to acquire more advanced skills in a specific field, which may be relevant depending on the area sought. Are you in high school and want to know

How to Become a Cosmetologist?

Firstly, the attraction to scientific disciplines is a plus. A bachelor’s S, STL or ST2ID makes it easy to enter specialized training in chemistry. After graduation, you can prepare BTS Métiers de la chimie or BUT chemistry.

After a Level 5 diploma, it is possible to continue your studies with a professional license that lasts for one year and is even recommended. There are many available in different schools, which can lead to the profession of cosmetologists:

License Pro Chammy: Formulation

License pro-pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health industry
Licensed pro-development of cosmetic and health products
License pro-application, analysis and naturalness in cosmetics
Therefore, It is possible to do a two-year master’s degree to continue up to the BAC+5 level. Some of them can be done alternatively. This type is ideal when you want to gain a foothold in the professional world while learning theory in the classroom. Thus, their cost is borne by the company that employs you.

Here are Some Interesting ways to Become a Cosmetologist:

  • Master Pro Cosmetic Natural Raw Materials
  • Master’s Degree in Industrial Cosmetology
  • Master in Molecular Chemistry

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What Developments for a Cosmetologist?

What Developments for a Cosmetologist?

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Skills and Tasks

  • In-depth knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry
  • managerial skills
  • Highly developed analytical and synthesis skills
  • Mastering and respecting the company’s ethical rules, the same goes for respect for safety, health and environmental standards.
  • Extensive knowledge of English


Therefore, Cosmetologists and their teamwork are complementary to achieving the objectives in the specifications.

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