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www eyetexdsr com – Know more about www eyetexdsr com Website


www eyetexdsr com – Eyetex is a company that provides makeup products. Many makeup products with affordable pricing. Vasudevan is the founder of eyetex. The company started in the year 1958. Many women from different generations wear this type of cosmetics. They carry products of eyetex with them everywhere. This brand firstly promotes kajal and Kumkum. They also provide facewashes, cleansers, and deodorants. They offer many products in cosmetics to many women.

This is the website in which they provide a number of cosmetics. It is very useful to both men and women. It is an anonymous brand with Kajol and kumkum. Firstly, started in 1938 and serves traditional beauty.

Eyetex is the only makeup luxury, all small-to-school-going girls are allowed. Many generations infants in southern India women have smeared their foreheads with eyetex. Today eyetex offers 65 products across cosmetics. There are several products available in eyetex. Products like Kumkum, Kajol, face wash lotions, and deodorants is produced. They also offer men’s shaving creams and moisturizers.

They offer many products at affordable prices and have a large distribution network. It is a 63-crore business network. Business with enlarged portfolio, and emerges an aspirational brand among lower income group.

Eyetex – www eyetexdsr com

Aravind laboratories, and R Rajgopal are the partner which owns Eyetex. They are the top most number one branded kajol segment in volumes. They sell 38 million products a year. In years they are growing 20-30 percent and well can achieve 250 crores in 5 years. Know lso going with nail polishes with 7.2 million pieces.

Therefore, started by Vasudevan a caenatic music icon M.S. Subhalakhshmis driver. And also protected like a guard. Eyetex was started with small store in triplicane a traditional baston of Chennai. In 1958, the company acquired by A. V. Srinivasan, Rajgopals chemical technologists. father in law. Therefore this brand turnover was just 20,000 then. Eventually, the business was left to Srinivasan’s sons-in-law Rajagopal.

The new commers with big launches in kajol segment will not effect Eyetex. Rajgopal says that, there are many different segments sells at price point of Rs 200. But they sell at lower prices from Rs 12-50. They realised to explore more and for greater growth, kajol and kumkum alone is not sufficient in 2002.

Today, the company is selling many different types of products. With the contributions of 45 percent of the revenue. You just need to keep in mind that the audience is price sensitive. They kept their prices lower than competition. Therefore, nail polish costs 35, facewash is priced 55, and lipstick costs 100. Know they are planning to introduce a premium brand later.

According to a store manager of a leading chain of stores in Chennai, Eyetex may get the price right, but it is still seen as a kajal/Kumkum brand among consumers. “Many people do not realize that Eyetex has other products. They still need to work on creating awareness.

Itex says its relationship is strongest with more than 5 mom-and-pop stores, mostly in the South, which account for 85 percent of its business. Chennai’s shopping streets are filled with chocolates, where ITEX products are placed in large plastic baskets, like vegetables in a mandi. The brand is also visible in departmental stores such as Pothis and Saravanas. Eyetex has appointed over 750 “beauty consultants” in these stores to assist customers.

Rural India accounts for 60 percent of sales, mainly for kajal and kumkum. “Women in small places like Tirunelveli started using cosmetics,” says Hari Prasad, Devanathan’s son and partner.

Eyetex has over 1,400 employees; The manufacturing unit in Chennai employs 450, blending raw materials into the final product. The plant messes with women. “They aren’t shy about saying they don’t like a particular shade of pink. Our production manager is also a woman,” says Rajagopal.

Eyetexdsr Online

eyetex dsr

Step1: First you have to type eyetex dr in the search bar of Google.

Step2: After that, the URL eyetex der of this website is visible on the initial figure in front of you, then you have to click on this URL.

Step3: And here you will come to the login page. Here you see the username and password inside a box.

Step 4: You have to enter your username and password correctly here, and then click on login.

Step5: If you have forgotten the password of this page for some reason, then in that case you see a forgot password option, then click on it.

Step 6: You will come to the next page, here you have to enter your registered email and mobile no, and click on recover password.

Step7: After some time time password will come on your registered email id. And then you go to the login page and after entering the username and password correctly, click on login. So in this method you can easily log in to the dashboard of this website.

Eyetex Products List – www eyetexdsr com

Eyetex Products List - www eyetexdsr com

Eyetex Kajal Supreme Herbily Enhanced

Lightweight matte stick including a built-in sharpener. Jet black kajal with comfortable stay up to 6 hours. Enriched with the goodness of aloe and carnauba extracts. Smudge-proof and water resistant. Vegan product and cruelty-free (not tested on animals).

Non Organic Kajal

  • Color: Black
  • Waterproof
  • Pencil Form
  • Quantity: 1.5 g

Q:Is it safe to use for my 2 month old baby?

A:Dear customer, We recommend to use eye makeup for kids above 1 year old. Thank you. Regards, Eyetex & Dazller Cosmetics

Q:Is this organic?

A:Dear Customer, Eyetex Kajal supreme herbally enhanced is Vegan, cruelty free and enriched with herbal actives with no harsh chemicals. Hope this was helpful. Regards, Eyetex & Dazller Cosmetics

Eyetex Kajal Supreme Paste

Black Kajal specially for babies.Creamy finish with smooth application formula.Is smudgeproof , skin friendly and irritation free; Vegan (no animal based ingredients); Cruelty Free (not tested on animals);

  • Color: Black
  • Cream Form
  • Quantity: 2 g

Eyetex Divyaa Kum Kum

Multi coloured liquid kumkum with 11 vibrant colour choices- Maroon, Brown, Red, Black, White, Yellow, Green, Pink, Violet, Magenta, Scarlet. Matte finish with opaque coverage skin-friendly product with quick dry formula and bright colors making room for creative designs. Suitable for all ski tones and ages.Vegan (no animal based ingredients); Cruelty Free (not tested on animals);

  • Multicolor Shade
  • 17 g
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Liquid

Dazller Lipstick M620

  • Gives a Matte finish look
  • Texture is: Mousse
  • Quantity: 4 g

Eyetex Dazller Nail Polish

Eyetex Nail Polish is a superlative range of shades and a neat and delightful performance, Eyetex is a nonpareil name in the nail fashion industry and is one of the famous cosmetic nail paint brand in india . From elegant classics & soft-shade nudes to eye-popping bright and unique hue nail lacquer, Eyetex has every colour you’ve ever wished for. These nail lacquer provide exceptional formula, backed with fashion-forward colours and iconic shade names. The seriously pigmented lacquer are long-lasting and chip-resistant offering you a luxury you certainly need.

  • Finish Glossy
  • Color: Multicolor
  • 23 ml

Eyetex Dazller Product Review – Mascara Review

Eyetex Dazller Product Review - Mascara Review

My experience with Eyetex dazzler mascara:

  • I had bought this mascara for a quick fex for that wedding and had no high expectations from it.
  • But I must confess here, I am truly in love with this mascara. And from the time I bought this one, this is my everyday wear mascara. It is blackest black in colour which is what I wanted. The wand is long and the applicator brush is big enough for proper application. The brush is capable of holding required amount of product and spreads it evenly on my lashes.
  • The mascara is not very sticky in consistency; it feels really light on my lashes. It dries quickly and is smudge proof and water proof. And also never fades if only water is spaces on lashes, you need to rub it for it to come off, so decent water proof nature for daily use. I use olive oil to clean it from my lashes and it comes out easily that way. On staying power, it holds my lash curl for good 6 hours.
  • The packing is quite simple, black plastic tube. It is easy to carry around. I am using it from more than 6 months and it has not thicken or dried yet.
  • It has some smell of camphor same smell like the herbal kajals, however it never stings my eyes. In whole I love this product and for the price I pay for this, it is a real winner.

Pros Of Eyetex Dazller Mascara: www eyetexdsr com

  • Smudge proof, water proof.
  • Good applicator, good brush.
  • Holds curls for 5-6 hours.
  • Defines lashes.
  • Blackest black.
  • Very economical.
  • Dries quickly.

Cons Of Eyetex Dazller Mascara: www eyetexdsr com

Availability can sometimes be an issue, but I feel most small shops will have this.
Therefore, the final verdict on Eyetex dazzler mascara: I feel this is the best budget mascara we have here for this price and its performance. I recommend this to everyone, especially to girls on a budget.

www eyetexdsr com – Kajol

www eyetexdsr com - Kajol

There are basically three types of Eyetex Kajal – Eyetex Kajal Stick (in the form of a cone), then there is Eyetex Kajal Supreme (which is pen type), and the latest one is Eyetex Kajal Supreme – Herbally Enhanced (which is in cone form and comes packed in a lipstick like case) Pics are given in the same order:

Product Description:

Eyetex Kajal supreme is a Non-smudge kajal which comes in easy-to-handle pen-type container.
Price: Rs 20!!!

What I like the most in Eyetex Kajal Supreme:

  • The rich, glossy, black color it gives to my eyes- this is in fact the most intense black kajal I have used so far.
  • Very easy to use since it is in the form of a thick pen.
  • Very cheap-costs just 20 bucks!!
  • Doesn’t smudge a lot, am not saying it doesn’t smudge at all and of course it varies from person to person. Stays on my watery eyes for a long time without fading away.
  • Doesn’t sting/irritate eyes; am saying this since I have the most sensitive eyes which turns red, waters and burns easily.

What I dint like about Eyetex Kajal Supreme:

  • Not easily available- not sure of it availability across India, since it is from a company (Aravind Laboratories) based at Tamilnadu and no clue about how strong is the distribution network in other places except Kerala and Tamilnadu.
  • Packaging is not very attractive. Black with a cheap looking golden cap, but you can’t expect much for just Rs 20!
  • No info about ingredients.

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