Deodorants are simply part of our everyday life – usually without a doubt. Deodorant is available in a variety of different formulas and application methods. The most common types of deodorant come in solid stick, gel, roll-on, liquid, cream, powder, and spray forms. Natural deodorant is another option that can come in all these different styles or as a stone or mineral rubbed into the armpits. Most deodorants design for odor control only, but some deodorants also contain antiperspirant ingredients that help stop sweat and dampness.

What kind of Deodorant is Correct for You?

The Balm

The formula of the balm is surprising but particularly convincing. The antiperspirant cream deodorant from Kuehl’s or the one from We Love The Planet, which is 100% natural, are particularly effective. This super hydrating product naturally blocks sweat while soothing the skin. Finally, the formula of these antiperspirants can embellish with perfume.

Solid Deodorant

Lumazine deodorants make perspiration odorless and are 100% natural and vegan. Wet them with warm or cold water and rub them under the armpits. A thin layer is deposited under the armpits, which is enough to make it effective!

Alum stone is also an excellent natural alternative known to all. The name “alum” comes from “aluminum”, so contrary to popular belief, this natural stone contains it but, good news, in a form that has no action on the skin and is eliminated by rinsing.

Perfumed Powder or Talc

Another unique deodorant that beauty adventurers will happily adopt: is the powder version!
The Lush Too pebble and the Pink Granados talc are two examples. The powder blocks sweat, and its lemony or floral scent helps fight odors caused by bacteria on the skin’s surface.

The Spray

Classic, this deodorant is a real safe bet. They come in all sizes and flavors.
We like dry natural deodorant or Clarins revitalizing deodorant water, original but less natural.

Roll on Deodorant

Major brands have quickly taken over antiperspirants without aluminum salts in the face of consumer rejection, with varying degrees of success. Even without displaying a 100% natural composition, roll-on deodorants such as Kores 24h deodorant Sensitive and depilated skin refuse mineral salts, alcohol and parabens.

The Benefits of Each Type of Deodorant

The Benefits of Each Type of Deodorant

  • The spray: is easy and quick to apply: it dries quickly.
  • The roll-on or deo ball does not smoke the room and preserves the environment.
  • The stick is less greasy than the cream but more nourishing than the roll-on.
  • The cream takes care of the skin of the armpits and thus prevents dryness. Plus, it can be use for hands and feet!

Want a Natural Deodorant?

Are you Looking for a Natural Deodorant?

Then we have the perfect solution for you. Schmidt’s deodorants are 100% natural and easy to use. They contain no artificial fragrances or colors and are free of aluminum salts.

What do They Contain?

These deodorants contain sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to neutralize unpleasant odors released by perspiration. They also have coconut oil, which provides protection, softness, and hydration.

Arrowroot extract is use for its absorbent properties and is rich in B vitamins and minerals. Shea butter softens the skin and ensures a smooth application. Jojoba oil is a liquid wax rich in vitamins A and B for a moisturizing and soothing effect. And then there is also vitamin E to nourish the skin.

Schmidt’s deodorants are perfect for sensitive skin or for people who love natural products.

The Best is to Find an Organic Deodorant

It is best to turn to more natural products to avoid illnesses caused by industrial deodorants and antiperspirants. It is not entirely known, but more and more supermarkets offer this product. These organic deodorants are natural products that will keep you from the unpleasant smell of sweat. So the role of deodorants is maintain, and they are as effective as industrial deodorants.

Also, did you know that the packaging of these industrial deodorants is not biodegradable? They take many years to disappear. On the other hand, buying an organic deodorant, you participate enormously in protecting the environment because its packaging is already recyclable.

Finally, Some Tips:

  • Deodorants should not use on cracked, irritated or damaged skin!
  • Baking soda stick deodorants are often easier to apply to damp skin, while all other deodorants should be used on dry skin.
  • Deodorants in the form of creams are spread on the skin with the fingers.
  • Each person is unique: the effectiveness of one person’s deodorant can last for hours, while another must reapply after a few hours. It is completely natural and normal.


Natural deodorants can prevent excessive sweating and odor. A good deodorant can also offer long-lasting action. Deodorant used on clean, healthy and dry skin. Natural cosmetics contain many natural active ingredients that help keep the skin dry and fragrant.