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Disease History Tarkov – Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Guide

Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Doctor Quest Guide

Disease History Tarkov –  The Escape From Tarkov Disease History Therapist mission is one of the most difficult tasks to complete in the game. Like many of the tasks in Escape From Tarkov, you are achieving Disease Chronicles requirements. The two keys are very difficult to find. This guide will give you all the guidelines to get out of the way and meet the Escape From Tarkov Disease History quest.

Avoid Description Of The Tarkov Disease Story

To comprehensive the Escape from Tarkov Disease History task, you must go to the reserve, collect two medical records, and hand them over to the therapist after safely extracting them.

The reward for completing this quest is 7,200 XP, +0.03 Therapist Agent, 30,000 Rubles, a Grizzly Medical Kit, an Ibuprofen Pain Reliever, and five CALOK-B Hemostats.

Wondering when the next cleaning is? Look no further than our guide to clear Escape From Tarkov dates and times.

Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Guide

Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Guide

The hardest part of completing the Escape: From Tarkov Disease History task is getting the two keys needed to open the rooms where the medical records are kept. The two solutions in question are the RB-KSM key and the RB-SMP key. Unfortunately, unlike some of the other quests, there is no way to trade these keys, leaving it up to chance to find them or not. The easiest method to get them is to buy them at the flea market, but this can get prohibitively expensive depending on which steamer you’re on. If not, your best bet is to look in the bags for jackets, pockets, and scarves.

Once you have both keys, you’ll want to take the helicopter to the White Bishop building on the reservation. Once in the building, go up the stairways to the first floor, and you can find the two doors we want to unlock.

Search Key

You will need the RB-KSM significant and the RB-SMP significant to whole the disease history search. The RB-KSM key will be used to get Medical Journal #1, and the RB-SMP key will be used to get Medical Journal #2.

I suggest booking the quest as it will be ten times easier. It could be bad if you want to stack other inquiries with it, and this is because Reserve is the hardest map to get out of.

There are plenty of conditions for a good clear, and raiders also show up time and time again. The place is full of player treasures as they can get loot from farm raiders and other looted areas.

I highly recommend doing this type of quest only without a bag, as the location of the inquiry will be discussed later.  As per the information from

Medical Building – White Bishop Building

To save the land extract (PMC and Save Extract), you should enter the medical building along the path. After reaching the second floor enter the left and right sides. Health journal will be on the same floor of each, you need both the keys RB-SMP and RB-KSM, and open them.

The first medical journal (RB-KSM’s room) will be located between two bookshelves on the right-hand side of the space you entered the door from. Medical supplies are available in this room, and it also has a gym bag. Nothing important.

The second medical journal is under the cabinets on the left side of the room. This room spawns an Ophthalmoscope and many medical supplies that should have better loot than the RB-KSM room.

Extraction – The Safest Way

Extraction - The Safest Way

Exit the White Bishop Building, and you will see the White King Building across the street. It is in front of Save Land Extraction, so you may confuse it with the Black Bishop building. Which is also next to your facility.

Hug yourself outside the White King building and run straight until you see the shop. Turn right and follow the tent avoiding the fence, as it will go directly to the sewer shaft extraction.

This extraction requires you to drop your backpack, so as mentioned above, don’t bring the bag and focus on the other missions.

If you’ve read our guide on completing the Surplus Goods quest, it’s the same strategy, as both locations are near the good mining point.

Also, if you have a contact playing with you, you can ask them to join you as a Scav so you can take on Scav Lands Extraction, which is also nearby. It is a great way to increase your reputation with Fences and get additional rewards from Fences through Messenger.

Discovery Award

  • After completing the Therapist Story quest, you will get the following rewards.
  • 7,200 experience points and +0.03 reputation points with the Therapist
  • grizzly first aid kit
  • ibuprofen pain reliever
  • 5 Calc-B Hemostatic
  • 30,000 rubles

To Complete The Escape From Tarkov Letters Quest

To Complete The Escape From Tarkov Letters Quest

While this quest may be straightforward on paper, you have to remember that taking down the Sanitary is still difficult, especially with some of the weapons you’ll have to use.

In terms of finding it, as mentioned, it has a guaranteed spawn rate in the Citadel at Customs. If you’re unsure where it is, it’s the big skeleton building in the middle of a construction site next to the old gas station. If you were planning on seeing her in her usual shoreline spots. You’re out of luck, as other one been completely wiped off the map for the time being.

However, the difficult part will probably not be Sanitary himself but other players are trying to take him down. The Citadel at Customs was already a PvP hotspot, and now it’s guaranteed to be even more populated.

However, if you manage to escape from everyone. You will have to patrol with the Sanitary for two well-armed and armored guards and, of course, the man himself. The best advice to take him down is to rely only on the glint of the right hand. It use grenades to find and take him out, and use high-damage bullets to the flesh.

Since the Sanitary wears no armor and has a total of 1,270 HP, you’ll want to go for a round that destroys it quickly while maintaining enough penetration to handle its guards and any other emerging PMCs. Feather. As per the information from

Here is a list of the best arms in each category to deal with the Sanitary, the best overall performance with weight and also access to ammo that will help you contract with the Scav Boss better:

  • Attack Rifle – ASH-12/Mk47/RD-704
  • Attack Carbine – RFB
  • machine gun – RPK-16
  • Submachine Gun – Vector .45
  • Shotgun – Super 90
  • Marksman Rifle – Mk-18/RSASS
  • Bolt Action Rifle – AXMC
  • Grenade Launcher – M32A1
  • Pistol/Revolver – SR-1MP
  • Melee Weapon – Ancient Axe
  • Thrown Weapon: RGN/RGO Hand Grenade

While any weapon will get the job done. The ones above will give you the best chance of taking down the Sanitary and completing the mission with as little pain as possible.


Therefore, this article contains information about the disease history tarkov. Here few things are explained above, like Escape From Tarkov Disease Story Guide. Thus the above information is just for informational purpose.

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