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Social Media – Introduction, Networks Boosting Sites, and More


Social Media – In the virtual world, social networks are sites and applications that operate at various levels. Such as professional, and relationships, among others – but always allow exchanging information between people and companies.

How do Social Networks Boost your SEO Referencing?

1. Social Media – They Allow the Massive Sharing of Information

Social media is the perfect place to share content, and they allow the user to show their commitment and appreciation to a brand. Whether it’s text, photos, or videos, content should share as often as possible on all platforms.

You will not reach the same target depending on the social networks used. Therefore, the more you diversify your networks, the larger your target. Some critical indicators published by LK Conseils in 2017: And also  57% of French Internet users are active on Facebook, 64% of 15-34-year-olds are active on YouTube, and 77% of women use Pinterest.

2. Social Media – They Make People Aware of your Brand

Social media also helps build your brand awareness. Responding to comments, questions or opinions are all elements that contribute to reinforcing the notoriety of your brand. Plus, options like paid ads and sponsored posts help reach an even more significant, yet still targeted, audience.

3. Social Media – They Generate Social Engagement

Therefore, their finest quality! Social networks offer the possibility of bringing together local players around your brand. Thus, It can be done in different ways: create Instagram contests or polls, publish stories (on Facebook or Instagram) or even play on seasonality and visuals.

4. Social Media – They Encourage the Proliferation of External Links

Social media also enables external sites to link to your content. For this, you must offer quality content, carrier of value. Thus, other users will share your page or location on their networks, and your SEO lights will be green.

Natural Referencing Boosted by Social Networks

Natural Referencing Boosted by Social Networks

Social networks create a link with a company’s customers and offer a space for exchange and interactivity. You can publish additional content to that your site. Indeed, you can redirect your community to the pages of your website, thus improving the traffic on your site.

Choose the Accurate Social Networks to Boost your Visibility

Regardless of your industry, you can attract potential customers using social media. You have to know how to pick the right channel to reach your target. Indeed, depending on the nature of the product or service offered and the typology of your target, we will opt for one social network.

Before you start, you must know the habits of your target. For example, customers of a hairdressing salon do not necessarily go to the same networks like those of a craftsman.

Social Media – Develop your E-Reputation

Therefore, the strength of social networks lies in their ability to create interaction between different Internet users. While it is true that these relations are beneficial for the referencing of your website, be aware that it is essential to moderate them to improve your e-reputation.

Indeed, we sometimes witness rumors or false information circulating about a product. If the company marketing this product does not react as quickly as possible, thus the data circulating virally and its e-reputation risk being seriously affected. Hence the importance of spending time on this subject.

Links: An Essential Source of Traffic

Therefore, internet communication makes it possible to use links to share information. Put links in your publications to refer your community to your website. Thus, you will gain significant traffic that will help improve your natural referencing and your visibility on search engines.

Benefits of Social Networks to Build your Brand

  • They increase brand perception
  • Humanize your brand
  • It can establish your brand as a thought leader
  • keep you top of mind


  • They increase web traffic
  • Generate leads
  • They boost sales
  • Associate with influencers

Content Creation and Distribution

  • You can promote your content
  • Haste viral
  • You can get more content


  • Reputation management
  • Communication in times of crisis
  • Customer and Audience Interactions
  • Attention and customer service

Discover Valuable Information

  • Monitor conversations that are relevant to your brand
  • Learn more about your customers
  • Measure sentiment around your brand
  • Stay on top of your competitors
  • stay on top of industry news


  • Targeted advertising
  • Retargeting (retargeting)


Social media can be very effective in getting a man’s attention, but it can also be challenging. You don’t want to appear too obvious, and you may have difficulty figuring out what types of posts will resonate with him. Luckily, there are phases you can take to see a guy online while still staying true to yourself.

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