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The Best Cloud Storage and File-Sharing Services for 2023


Cloud Storage Cloud is a data storage service in the form of “the cloud” I don’t even understand why we use the word cloud, probably because we are storing data on the cloud or on an internet network, which we can access at any time as long as we network is connected to the internet. it’s possible.

The fact that we can store those important files that we have online. Of course, not everyone can access it, there is a username and password that we need to enter to access the file. Or we already have a bunch of users who can access it incognito.

The Services allow you to store your files on their servers, secure them, and allow access and share them at any time, from anywhere, on any device. Cloud storage usage is so common that you may already be using it without realizing it. We’re looking at you, Gmail account holders! But if you use cloud storage, Want to get more serious or intentional about it, then read on. Security and privacy are the two most important things to consider when selecting the best cloud storage for your needs.

How do you Get Cloud Storage?

How do you Get Cloud Storage?

The answer is very simple, just with an active email account, we can get free cloud storage. But of course, there is a limit, if you want unlimited or big capacity, we have to pay rent per year, or it can be monthly. But even for free, we can use cloud storage to store our files.

List of Best Cloud Storage Services Actually, there are many cloud storage service providers in cyberspace. But we think some of the best are among the many providers. Remember, this is our version. Maybe you think it’s different. Well, here are some easy-to-use cloud storage service providers.

Drop Box

First of all, let me mention Dropbox this was the first service I tried to use, and I am still using it. Dropbox is a cloud storage service provided by the Dropbox company. Inc., which  found in 2007 by Du Euston and Arash Ferdowsi. There are many advantages that Dropbox offers, in addition to storing data as a cloud, we can share data with other Dropbox users by syncing over an internet network. To make it simple, we can also download this application on today’s widely used computer operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile phone operating systems. We can get 2GB for free with an active email account for registration. When we send other friends a link to sign up and install Dropbox on their computers, we’ll get an additional 500MB free. If you want a bigger capacity,

Google Drive

Even today the most famous search engine giant does not want to fail to provide the best service to its users. Google also provides cloud storage which we can get for free. Google, without any hesitation, provides 15GB of cloud storage services to its users for free. Pretty great value, as the Dropbox we talked about above only offers 2GB.

A reader

Apart from the two big companies we discussed above, you can also take advantage of One Drive. It is a cloud storage service provided by Microsoft. The name was changed several times, but in the end, Microsoft named this cloud storage service One Drive. Like the others, One Drive can access and be used by multiple computers and mobile operating systems. Not only Windows but now also can be used by Mac OS users. We can get One Drive free storage service up to 7GB, which would have increased to 15GB. Not only free, but you can also pay annually to get more capacity.

iCloud Drive

Maybe some of you think that iCloud can be used only on Mac OS, but it is not so. Now iCloud can also be used on Windows 7 and above operating systems. Like any other cloud, you can store data, music, photos, etc. You can also sync with other devices using the same account. As for the free service, iCloud Drive gives us 5GB free. You can increase the capacity by paying monthly or annually depending on your desired power.


Maybe you and I are new and have heard about this box app/service. True, this service is popular among people in business and business people. In addition to cloud storage facilities and services, the box provides a free 10GB storage service upon registration. Besides, the package offers additional apps, especially for entrepreneurs and business people, and can connect with other apps like Salesforce and NetSuite. You can access and obtain many other cloud storage services depending on your needs. Of course, with all the pros and cons.

Cloud Storage is there a form of Cloud Backup?

This is a very important point, the services we have selected in this article work by synchronization. Therefore, when you delete a local file copy, the cloud version is also deleted. and vice versa. So cloud storage is not necessarily a backup.

Cloud Computing and Types of Cloud Service Providers

The cloud can deploy public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud models, and organizations can use infrastructure as a service (PaaS). The public cloud is a shared storage or computing service platform accessible to all via the Internet. And also, each customer’s information is secure and protected. It also provides private cloud computing and storage services but dedicates to a particular company. A hybrid environment uses a combination of public and private cloud models.

A multi-cloud strategy typically uses multiple public and possibly numerous private clouds. To eliminate reliance on a single cloud provider. Infrastructure as a service provides storage and network computing capabilities over the Internet. Users do not own these workloads; they only pay for their use and can increase or decrease their usage as needed.

Hence this solution is cost-effective and flexible. Claus has been around for over a decade and getting more sophisticate with new technologies and service models such as containers, microservices, and serverless models. Platform as a Service allows users to rapidly develop, run and manage applications without the complexity and cost of owning these platforms. Users can choose how they operate and pay for these services. PaaS organizations make applications faster.

Software as a Service is using application software such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, etc., via the Internet. In this cloud computing model, organizations do not own the software but pay for its use through a subscription model. This model allows organizations to use software without the complexity and cost of setting up or operating and managing infrastructure.


It’s easy to think of the cloud as one giant hard drive, but cloud computing is also a collection of Internet-powered servers, networks, tools, storage, services, and applications. Instead of investing capital in building and owning a technology infrastructure to manage data, software, and applications, cloud computing allows you to pay only for what you use; This minimizes and optimizes operating costs. Cloud environments are also on-demand and flexible, allowing you to quickly set up services and scale them up or down depending on your organization’s needs.

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