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Sirtfood Diet – Introduction, Sirtfood Diet Works, and More

What is the Sirtfood Diet?

The Sirtfood diet was developed by two well-known nutritionists working in a private UK gym.
This diet is advertised as a revolutionary new diet and health plan that works by turning on the skinny gene.

The diet is based on research on sirtuins (SIRTs), a group of seven proteins created in the body that have been shown to regulate various functions, counting metabolism, inflammation, and lifespan.
Certain natural plant compounds can increase the levels of these proteins in the body, and foods that contain them are called “Sirt foods.

The Sirtfood Diet’s “Top 20 Sirtfoods” list includes:

  • cabbage
  • Red wine
  • strawberry
  • Onion
  • soy
  • parsley
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • dark chocolate (85% cocoa)
  • matcha green tea
  • black wheat
  • Turmeric
  • nut
  • water hyacinth
  • chilli bird
  • reagent
  • Medjool pass
  • red dandelion
  • blueberry
  • capers
  • coffee

The diet combines serotonergic foods with caloric restriction, which can stimulate the body to produce higher levels of sirtuin.

The Sirtfood diet book includes mealtime plans and recipes to follow, but there are many other Sirtfood diet cookbooks available.

The creators of the diet claim that following the SirtFoods diet will result in rapid weight loss while preserving muscle mass and protecting you from chronic diseases.

Once you have completed the diet, it is recommended that you continue to incorporate foods containing Minions and the diet’s signature green juices into your regular diet.

How Does The Sirtfood Diet Work?

This diet works by encouraging people to have certain foods containing the Sirt food diet. Thus it stimulates the production of proteins called sirtuins. These proteins in the body have specific effects on the body’s metabolism. The diet can stimulate the body to produce more sirtuins when combined with caloric restriction and exercise.

“There are seven parent proteins, and each one has a specific metabolic function,” explains Dr Deborah Lee of Dr Fox Pharmacy. One of them, known as S1, is “associates with the breakdown of fat and weight loss.

The Sirtfood Diet focuses on this, and as our expert explains, “this is why you may have overheard of the Sirtfood Diet, which activates ‘skinny gene’ pathways in the body.

How Do You Stick To The SirtFood Diet?

Sirtfood Diet works

The first stage of the sirtfood diet is just juicing and fasting. It can be useful for those looking to shed a few pounds quickly but can be tricky to prepare.

Dr Deborah Lee says:

  • The organization is key: “You must buy the food ingredients for the first limited days of the diet in advance.
  • Ensure you have a good juicer: “A blender or NutriBullet won’t do. They make green slime.”
  • Choose your sirtfood dishes: “There are many recipes to choose from in the sirtfood diet book.”
  • Start at a convenient time: “Think ahead about what you’re going to do and how you’re working to handle that diet.”
  • But even with planning, starting a sirt food diet can be difficult. “From a behavioural perspective, it’s very difficult to implement all of their recommendations simultaneously,” says Alex Ruani (opens in a new tab), a PhD researcher at UCL and senior science trainer at the Academy of Health Sciences.

Is The Sirtfood Diet A Long-Term Plan?

The Sirtfoods Diet is unsuitable for a healthy long-term weight loss plan.

“Calorie restriction is dangerous and can cause symptoms like headaches, chills, constipation, and trouble sleeping,” says Dr Lee. “Some people have also said there may not be enough protein in the diet.

Also, drinking large amounts of fruit juice damages tooth enamel and can be dangerous to the teeth.”If you’re looking for better weight loss, she says you need to change your eating habits forever. The most rational approach is to incorporate Sirtfoods into your daily meals.

Is Sirtfoods the New Superfoods?

Sirtfood Diet

Sirt foods are good for you, and it no denies the fact. They are nutrient-rich packed food, and it is also healthy plant compounds packed food.

Furthermore, studies have linked many of the foods recommended in the SirtFoods diet to health benefits.

For example, eating moderate amounts of dark chocolate containing cocoa may reduce the risks, mitigate the risks of heart disease and help fight inflammation.

  • Consuming green tea reduces the risk of stroke and diabetes and helps lower blood pressure.
  • Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory properties and has beneficial effects. The effects on the body,
  • in general, also protect against inflammation-related diseases.
  • Most sirtfoods have shown health benefits for humans.
  • However, the evidence for the health benefits of increasing sirtuin levels is preliminary. However, research in animals and cell lines has shown exciting results.

Is It Healthy And Sustainable?

  • Nearly all Sirtfoods are healthy choices and may have some health benefits due to their antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties.
  • However, consuming exclusively healthy foods cannot meet all the body’s nutritional needs.
  • The sirtfoods diet is unnecessarily restrictive, and thus it offers no clear and also unique benefits of health over other diets type.
  • Also, it is not advised to eat only 1000 calories without a doctor’s supervision, and even eating 1,500 calories a day is considered overly restrictive for many people.
  • The diet also requires drinking three green juices per day. Although juices can be a good basis of vitamins and minerals, they are also a source of sugar and contain none of the healthy fibre found in whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Plus, drinking juice all day long is bad for your blood sugar and teeth.
  • Not to mention that because the diet is so limited in calories and food choices, it is likely to become deficient in protein, vitamins and minerals, especially during the first phase.

For example, the recommended daily amount of protein falls between 2 and 6 1/2-ounce equivalents and is based on several factors, including:

Whether you are male or female

  • How old are you?
  • How active are you?

Due to the low-calorie level and limited food choices, this diet can be difficult to maintain for three weeks.

Add to this the high initial costs of purchasing a juicer, book and other very expensive and rare ingredients. As well as the time preparing costs for specific meals and juices. And also, this diet becomes unsustainable for many people.

Bottom Line

The SirtFoods diet is full of healthy foods but not healthy eating patterns. Their theories and health claims are based on a vast body of preliminary scientific evidence. While adding some Sirt foods to your diet isn’t bad and may provide some health benefits, the diet itself may seem like a fad. Save yourself the money and stop making healthy, long-term dietary changes instead.

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