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Sassy Cosmetics – Introduction, Types of Looks, Makeup, and More


Sassy Cosmetics – Three ways to use bold and bright makeup in your zero eyes when it comes to daily makeup. We know you like to follow the rules, always classic taupe brown and pink and neutral brown for blondes with blue eyes, coral mauve, and dark green for all those with dark neutral green eyes. Such as grey and brown-orange lavender and hazelnut-eyed brunettes and khaki green, dark blue, and gold for those with brown eyes. Of Course, these are infallible rules, and each of these familiar tones highlights their natural eye color. But after using the same colors for so many years.

With summer in the air and the informal atmosphere accompanying it, now is the perfect time to start. Suppose you feel safe enough and want to paint by numbers with your cosmetics. You can do it. Just follow our complete makeup tutorial with three beautiful ones. Don’t dare to look bold in style.

Sassy Cosmetics – Look 1

Sassy Cosmetics - Look 1

The fact that you are coloring outside the traditional makeup lines does not mean you have to use it. All the colors at once exist for bold eye makeup we suggest using an eyeliner color like Loreal Paris Info label problems Waterproof there are Pens link oval light and creamy. This long-lasting eyeliner slides easily and does not run for 24 hours. In addition, its striking jewel-tone creates the chicest gazelle eye look you have seen since the 70s. Although the look is impressive to achieve, it is a piece of cake. Take your loreal Paris infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Apple Pencil in Coeval with a firm hand, and draw a line as thin or thick as you want along your upper lashes.

Following the natural shape of your eyelashes, your eyes, once in the outer corner of the look, stretch the bright blue line as much as you want to create an iconic feline look. Now look in the mirror and draw a second line starting from the tip and going down to the center of your eyelid at the base of your eyelashes to accentuate your look for daring eye makeup everything you have to do.

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Sassy Cosmetics – Look 2

Sassy Cosmetics - Look 2

This feline look will make you stand out. As with Look 1, choose L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Eye Pencil in another pretty shade like True Teal. Draw a smooth line flush with your top lashes and stretch your bold eyeliner to the outer corner of the eye and beyond. Word of the wise: The longer the line, the more dramatic your look will be.

Create the half-moon shape by extending the bar upwards and bringing it towards the inner corner of the eyes, passing over the crease of your eyelid, and filling in the space between the two lines if you want to take your look up a notch and make it last longer. Apply the teal shade of La Petite Palette by L’Oréal Paris in Optimist over the half-moon you created. You can soften the corners of your doe gaze by blending eyeshadow onto the contours of the half-moon.

Sassy Cosmetics – Look 3


You know the expression “Two are better than one”? It certainly applies to this third original version of our makeup tutorial for bold eyes. We recommend two complementary jewel tones this time to create a beautiful and unforgettable look. Using L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof Eye Pencil in Purple, draw a thick line along your upper lashes, drawing the tip up and out of the eye.

Then use La Petite Palette by L’Oréal Paris in Feminist, drop the mauve shade from the palette over your bold doe gaze and blur it while stretching the color above the crease of your eyelid. Then, with this same palette, apply a touch of bright green shadow to the inner corner of the eye. Blend it lightly, not too much, to keep the contrast with the pretty mauve. And that’s what it means to “stand out” this spring.

How do Makeup When you Start?

  • For a novice, finding good-quality makeup products is a challenge. Here are some keys to learning how to create your first makeup kit and avoid beginner makeup mistakes.
  • Make-up must first adapt to age. You don’t wear makeup the same way at 15 as you do at 40.
  • We also make up according to our personality, whether discreet or more daring. If it is often recommended to start with a light, fresh and natural make-up, the question of shades is, above all, a personal choice, the whole thing being to avoid mistakes in taste.
  • When you are a novice, the most important thing is to opt for products that are easy to apply. For example, a liquid foundation is easier to use than a mineral foundation.
  • Invest in quality make-up products that have proven themselves: opt for a sound palette rather than junk eyeshadows. You will also need suitable accessories: a makeup sponge like Beauty
  • Blender, as well as a selection of brushes for eye makeup (you can find special brush kits for beginners on the market )
  • Avoid copying! Do you dream of reproducing the look of Kylie Jenner? Nothing says that it is well adapted to your morphology and skin tone. What suits some people ideally may not be as flattering for others. Practice with tutorials, but test for yourself to determine the colors and materials that will suit you best.
  • Take care of your skin daily: that’s the basics! The secret to beautiful, elastic skin lies in hydration. It is best to seek advice from your dermatologist before embarking on makeup for atopic skin. There is indeed care makeup suitable for the most fragile skin or skin with imperfections.


While the current scientific thinking on many of these chemicals is that they are safe to use, it is up to each consumer to decide whether they buy and use a product containing certain ingredients. Consumers should also try to buy reputable brands from established sellers – cheap imports or copies purchased online may not have gone through the proper testing and evaluation process and may not contain what they claim.

In our pursuit of beauty, it is wise to remember that cosmetics can be complex combinations of chemicals. Also, gaining a basic understanding of long chemical names on product ingredients lists.

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